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15 April, 2024 , 1:32 PM

To help the people feel and experience the establishment of real “New Nepal” in today’s context, the need of an independent, unique and unbiased platform, embedded with a new vision and mission, for news, views, comments, analysis and opinions has strongly been felt.

With a view to fulfilling this need assessment, Media Mission Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Media Mission) on, with a new zeal and inspiration, was established on July 19, 2018 (2075/04/02 B.S.) and registered at the office of the Company Registrar, Kathmandu (Regd. No. 193288/075/076). The Media Mission’s central office is located at Durbarmarga, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Although the Media Mission Nepal is a Media organization, we do not solicit funds, we appreciate your support and cooperation to achieve our goals, especially at this initial stage of the institutional capacity building so as to produce the news and views of current and historical phenomenon.

The Media Mission actively mobilizes the academia and the following other related sections of the society, namely;

  • Political, civil society & economic sector.
  • Diplomatic circle
  • International community
  • Government agencies
  • Development agencies, including INGO s and NGOs
  • Intellectual community, expatriates and locals, etc.

Mission & Vision of Media Mission

Media Mission Nepal is an independent and commercial organization established by a group of energetic and industrious youths, realizing the need for an independent and impartial media forum which works for the protection and promotion of individual rights in general and press freedom in particular. We also aim to conduct regular interactions, research and analysis on various current national and international issues. We believe in media as the fourth organ of the state and firmly uphold the protection of human rights, rule of law and democracy as the main foundation for a free media.

We are confident and determined to highlight all the pertaining issues related to politics, economic, development concerns, conflict and public welfare, etc. We bring together high-level intellectual audience, representatives from key print and electronic media, and all pertinent organizations for lively interactions, discussions, constructive inputs for seeking solutions to the issues and contribute to the process of nation-building.


  • To publish news reports, opinion and research articles in daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, tri-monthly, half-yearly and annual newspaper, magazines and bulletins of different languages in issues related to politics, society, economy, literature, culture, sports, education, health, tourism and entertainment industry so as to make the people well-informed, promote public awareness and entertain them with accurate, balanced and credible news and views.
  • To operate online news portal https://mediamissionnepal.com, broadcast radio and television programmes to present the reality at the national and international level on subjects including politics, society, economy, culture, education, health and tourism.
  • To work as an advertising agency for print and electronic media of national and international level.
  • To conduct research, studies, dialogue, seminar, interaction and public hearing on current issues of politics, society, economy etc. for producing well-informed citizenry in favour of democracy, human rights, peace, justice and equality.
  • To publish, broadcast and distribute and sell biography, books, documentary related to nationally or globally reputed writers, composers, artists and individuals.
  • To provide information, opinions and consultations to policymakers, implementing agency and other stakeholders on current issues as required.
  • To prepare and produce newsy, informational and entertainment-related cartoon, video film, audio-visual materials, computer programme and software.
  • To impart training and run classes for producing necessary capable human resources needed for print and electronic media.
  • To produce and sell news and other materials as per the need of the print and electronic media.
  • To work as a contract agency for operating as well as participating in seminars, workshops, exhibition and commercial fairs that are organised in the national and international level.
  • To protect and promote the professional rights of the journalists.
  • To conduct interaction programs on current subjects and issues.

Programs for achieving objectives:

  • Conducting studies, researches, discussions, interactions, training and public hearing on burning issues, including that of social, economic and political concerns.
  • Carrying out public welfare-related activities, dissemination of the reports, news stories, articles, bulletins and audiovisual materials produced after the researches.
  • Exchanging membership, assistance and experiences with personalities and organizations having similar objectives.
  • Supporting, participating and assisting the constructive initiatives and programs of governmental and non-governmental organizations, expanding and developing relations with such organizations, sharing experiences and exchanging assistance with them and organizing joint programs for creating public awareness.
  • Media Mission brings the concerned diplomatic missions and international organizations together, and host regular interactive programs with an objective to elevate Nepalese identity, image and progress in politics, economics, human rights and social welfare, etc. Sharing advice, consultation and information regarding current issues with policy-makers, implementing agencies, stakeholders and the public at large.
  • Organizing programs for advocating democracy, human rights, peace, justice and equality.
  • Developing programs and implementing them on the basis of the need of the hour for protection of individual and professional rights of media persons and the media sector as a whole.
  • Developing this organization into a vital communication forum and disseminate true, factual and impartial information.

Under the dynamic leadership of Media Mission, we organize field visits along with media persons, representatives of the civil society and concerned specialists as observers and compile incidents or accidents created by political conflicts, human rights issues, and natural disasters. A comprehensive report will be brought to the notice of the concerned authorities and the general public.

Media Mission will work to bring the concerned diplomatic missions and international organizations together, and host regular interactive programs in the era of globalization.

It will work profoundly on current issues like, education, health, human rights, corruption control, kidnapping, extortions, lawlessness, etc. which are prevailing in the society. The organization arranges interactive and thought to provoke programs with political leaders, civil society representatives, diplomats and concerned experts and analysts and bring.

Media Mission hosts effective training programs for the welfare of communication workers, and contribute to enforcing democratic norms, values and processes in the society. It also helps in creating an environment to establish the rule of law. This media forum also educates the public about the political developments in Nepal. Being a media organization, it aims to produce radio and television programs as soon as possible.